Innovative Hotel Room Heating in the Lake District

Green methods of heating hotel rooms can actually work in a hotel’s favour.

Take the Brimstone Hotel on the Langdale Estate in the Lake District. They have installed wood burning stoves into each of their 16 suites and comments are rolling in left right and centre about this novel way of room heating. A guest can light the stove whenever they like with the logs provided, a great little bonus in a hotel room and that’s without the enjoyment of sitting in front of it after a long and damp day on the Lake District fells.

stoves brimstone hotel

Cosy, green heating at the Brimstone Hotel

But wheat needs to be focused on even more here is the way in which this system of room heating is fabulous for the environment. The location of Brimstone being on the Langdale Estate where woodland is plentiful means not only do these stoves lower carbon emissions compared with central heating systems but also that the wood used in locally sourced and managed meaning very little in the way of wood transportation.

brimstone suite with stove

This new boutique hotel in the Lake District has already won the Best Eco/Sustainable Build category in the Northern Design Awards in 2013 which will hopefully convey this idea to other hotels, architects and designers to install stoves such as these or other eco friendly methods of heating (or in fact cooling in some cases) hotel rooms.

By Green Tourism Blog