How green are many so called green tourism businesses?

In a recent article on Blue & Green Tomorrow, they were asking this very question,

Purposefully positioned recycling boxes and notes in the bathrooms about towels in the bath, towels left on the rails etc doesn’t qualify a hotel or B&B as green or eco. These are practices all tourism and service industry businesses should be doing anyway. So too with all tag lines and statements found when you are on travel accommodation websites, have a quite look into these statements further to make sure they are credible and not just another marketing exercise.

But for tourism businesses to add just a few  forms of  supporting the local environment, lowering carbon emissions and being less wasteful into their day to day activities, they can hold their heads up high and start to promote themselves as a green tourism business, help the planet and perhaps gain further custom after that.

Through schemes such as the Green Tourism Business Scheme to local initiatives such as Nurture Lakeland in the Lake District and Cumbria, businesses can apply to join be verified and inspected and then guests can see these green claims are not just for colour but actual environmental benefits.

lake district hotel biomass

Biomass boilers, sustainable energy for the tourism industry

Cultural and social responsibility within the tourism industry is more important now than ever. From supporting local suppliers and business services to educating guests on being more responsible in environmental terms when on their holiday, creating a CSR policy is beneficial for all.

This extract is taken from the Langdale Estate’s CSR Policy “We seek to protect the business for the long term; to create a sustainable tourism business for the community that is not only the company but in doing so protect its position within the Langdale valley within the context of the local environment; in an area of outstanding natural beauty.”

The full Langdale 4 star Hotel and Estate CSR policy can be viewed here

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