Don’t forget the Environment this Christmas

Whether you’re staying at home or going away for Christmas, don’t forget the environment.

If staying at home and when naturally people tend to be off and in the house more than normal. Just have a little think, does the heating really need to be on all day? Do those tree lights need to be on when there is day light? and so on.

Cards and gift wrap create an astonishing amount of waste around this time. Make sure cards and wrapping is recycled and buy recycled cards and wrap as much as possible. Even better, wrap a gift up in a scarf which can be used for years and years or use a good, old traditional stocking.

reuseable xmas stockings

Stockings, a great alternative to gift qrap

Food waste is a hot topic at the moment and the Christmas period is when it is at it’s highest. It really needn’t be and issue at all. Firstly and most cost effectively, don’t cook too much! It’s so simple but if a meal has been over catered for there is the freezer and countless recipes for leftovers on the internet and on TV cooking programmes.

Even if you’re away at Christmas perhaps staying in a hotel, make enquiries as to if the leftovers are being used and if not, it may be possible for you to have some to take home or to eat as a packed lunch the next day.

recipes for leftovers

Just a small selection of leftover recipes from the website

If you are lucky enough to have booked or looking to book to go away for the festive period then it couldn’t be a better time to use the car less. With time off work, no ties, pure enjoyment and relaxation walking and cycling around at Christmas on the quieter roads is excellent and much needed after all the rich food!

These are just some really straight forward ways to have a greener Christmas that will not in any way impact on the enjoyment of this time of the year but will greatly impact the environment for the better.